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Come to the 2006 Learning Exchange!

LEARNING EXCHANGE--June 9-11, 2005 in Derry, Northern Ireland. Info here.

Register by March 7: Special Discount on "Managing a Future Search"

Greater NY Future Search Meeting Coming up Soon -- All Welcome!

Texas Reunion

"A Vision for Whole Foods Markets" -John Mackey, CEO

Future Search for Higher Education in Yemen

Successful West Coast future search training

Netherlands-Archived Story

A Future Search attended by 68 stakeholders of St. Joseph's Anglophone Church held in the shadow of the Arc de Triumph

Federal Aviation Administration future search enables breakthrough in Air Traffic Control

Dutch Consultancy Firm Hosts a Future Search Training to Establish a Firm to Explore and Promote Future Search in the Netherlands

Update to Tanzanian Orphan's Project that grew out of a Community Future Search

The Annual Future Search Nework Learning Exchange will be held in Stockholm Sweden May 13 – 15, 2004
The Annual Future Search Nework Learning Exchange will be held in Stockholm Sweden May 13 – 15, 2004 (02/12/04)

The Future Search Network (FSN) invites you to the 8th annual Learning Exchange, May 13-15, 2004 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Future Search on Sustainability for the Delaware Valley held by the Schuylkill Center - a Life Quality Project
A Regional Sustainability Summit Future Search held almost a year ago has produced a major offspring (01/28/04)

South Africa Workshops Held in Managing a Future Search and Facilitating the Whole System in the Room

Consulting Today Features Article on Future Search in Non-Profits

The Muse Online Newsletter Features Future Search

Project in Tanzania, which was Envisioned at a November, 2002 Future Search, Reaches Milestone

Grant received by Future Search Network members to conduct a future search in Khabarovsk, Russia
Future Search Network members Marina Tyasto and Jan Secor have received a grant to conduct a future search in Khabarovsk, Russia on women in politics. (08/17/03)

Future Search helps a mediation and conflict resolution group in Maryland explore "Building A Resolutionary Future: Mediator Excellence In Maryland"
Future Search Network members Sandra Janoff, Eric Collier, and Andra Jurist conducted a future search on the theme: “Building A Resolutionary Future: Mediator Excellence In Maryland.� (08/17/03)

Two Ugandan businesses contract to use Future Search
After attending a day long workshop on future search presented by three Future Search Network members, two Ugandan business contract to do future searches. (05/21/03)

Delaware Valley, USA Regional Sustainability Summit

The City of Bogota Utilizes Future Search in the Six Main Localities in the City

Future Search Empowers Students in Montreal
Future Search is part of an exciting program in a Montreal school district to include students at the highest levels. (01/28/03)

Texas Group Builds a Statewide Coalition on Affordable Housing
A group of people involve in affordable housing in Texas met in Santa Fe. (11/27/02)

Future Search will be used in Africa for a number of projects in Kenya and Tanzania.
NGO committed to providing support for local leadership on AIDS issues in Africa. (11/26/02)

A Village in Southeastern Tanzania Uses Future Search to Plan Support for AIDS Orphans in the Community
Future Search Network Members Barry Childs and Kenoli Oleari just returned from Africa after completing a Future Search in the village of Idweli in Southwest Tanzania. (11/24/02)





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