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How to Participate

If you wish to join this project, here are some things you can do:

  • Find out which people at the conference signed up to do what and interview them by phone or in person afterwards to see what they actually did.

  • Trace the ripple effect to people who were not at the conference; call and interview anybody whose name comes up in other interviews as having done significant work.

  • Draw a sociogram or spider web diagram of the connections between individuals, and organizations during and after the conference.

  • Get together some participants and make a mind map of all the ripples they can think off; then have a dialogue on what can be learned from their experience.

  • Get yourself and the Network on mailing lists of task forces that emerged from future search, or for newsletters or other documents that will enable us to trace the ripples over time. If you discover a new web site based on a future search, make sure the link is noted at www.futuresearch.net.

  • Collect useful documents--follow-up memos, reports, review meetings, news and magazine articles, etc.

  • Tell us what works and doesn't in documenting your case, so that the information can be shared among all parties.

  • Communicate with the Network by phone, fax, E-mail, or in person, as you wish.

Please contact Sally Theilacker , fsn@futuresearch.net or 800.951.6333 if you would like participate.





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